Samosa (each) $1.50
Crispy fried triangular patties stuffed with spicy potatoes and peas

Samosa Platter (3 per plate) $3.95
Crispy fried triangular patties stuffed with spicy potatoes and peas

Samosa Chat $5.95
Chrispy fried samosa topped with with veg. chilli cholle, mint and sweet chutney.

Vegetable Pakora Plate $3.95
Crispy deep fried battered onions, potatoes, spinach and vegetables.

Bombay Bhel $4.95
Low Cal cereal mix topped with chopped onions, potatoes, tomatoes; mixed sweet date chutney and hot cilantro pepper, garlic green sauce.

Tava Tikki $5.95
Our famous potato pattie topped with veg. chilli cholle, mint and sweet chutney.

Papdi-Chat $5.95
Strips of crispy bread layered with tri-color sauce, topped with cilantro.

Chole Bhature $8.95
Vegetrian Chili and balloon bread makes this combo a meal in itself.

Paneer Tikka $9.95
Indian version of Tofu, sauteed with peppers and served on sizzler

Kheema Parotha $5.25
Boldly seasoned ground lamb stuffed in wholewheat Bread and griddled to spotty complexion.

Alu-Cheese Paratha $4.25
This unleavened griddle bread is potato lover’s dream.

Methi Palak Paratha $4.95
Popeye’s favorite meal will safisfy your tastebuds, too!

Pani Poori $5.95
Wafer thin balloons to be filled with spicy erbal water and potato bean chat.

Picnic Balls $3.95
Seasoned potatoes with fresh coconut, cashews and curry leaves.


Tomato $4.95
Classic Indian soup with touch of ginger root and splash of coconut milk
Black Bean $4.95
Heavy Black Bean soup with Garlic

Dal $4.95
A testy vegetarian spicy soup…. great energy booster

Mulligattawny $4.95
Traditional chicken soup with delicate herbs.

Speciality Tandoori Breads

Naan $2.50
Leavened white floor bread

Roti $2.50
Wholewheat bread

Paratha $3.50
Buttered and layered whole wheat bread

Onior Kulcha $3.50
Naan bread stuffed with delicately spiced onions

Garlic Naan $3.50
Leavened white floured bread with fresh garlic

Kadhai Poori (2) $2.95
Delicious wholewheat balloon bread unique

Chilli Naan $3.50
White flour bread with green chillis, onions & cilantro.

Kashmiri Naan $3.95
White flour bread with coconut, cashew nuts, almon and raisins.

Chicken Naan $3.95
White flour bread stuffed with lightly spiced chicken

Paneer Kulach $3.50
Naan bread stuffed with homemade cheese

Tandoor Temptations Entrees

(Served with Naan) Vegetarian Curries Entrees
(Served with Naan)
Tandoori Chicken Tikka $12.95
Chicken marinated in yogurt dressing then cooked in own natural juices with seduced a seductive aroma.

Tandoori Chicken $12.95
Spicy chicken legs and thighs marinated in yogurt dressing then cooked in tandoori oven.

Kakori Kabobs $12.95
Minced lamb, herbs and spices bond together on skewers for charbroild aroma.
Simply melts in your mouth!

Fish Koliwada $12.95
This kabob from fisherman’s hub in Bombay is drenched in freshly pounded green herbs and then delicately balanced on skewer to perfection.

Shrimp Tandoor $15.95
Jambo shrimp with succulent flavor served on sizzled over bed onions.

Kathi Kabob Roll $9.95
Charbroiled chicken breast sautéed with variety of pepper and wrapped in our fresh baked naan. Simly delicious.

Roti Kabob $7.95
Tasty ground lamb sausage comfortably naps in naan bread blanket.

Maharaja Grill $18.95
Charbroiled Chicken Tikka, Kakori Kabobs fish Koliwada.

Chicken Jalfrazi $12.95
Tendor chicken cooked with delicious combo of bell peppers, egg plant, tomato & onion with special house seasoning.

Malai Kofta $8.95
Balls of fresh minced vegetables and homemade cheese simmered in cardmom, saffron, garlic cashews, and cream sauce.

Baingan Bhartha $9.95
Punjab style eggplant sautéed with onions, tamatoes and green peas with distinct charbroiled aroma

Alu Gobi $9.95
Delightful ragout with potatoes, cauliflower, tamatoes, ginger and garlic.

Mastani Palak $9.95
Spinach cooked in freshly ground spices with chick peas.

Mutter Paneer $9.95
Green peas and delicately seasoned homemade Cheese in curry.

Shahi Paneer $10.95
Soft cubes of homemade cheese cooked with cashews in a special house sauce.

Palak Paneer $9.95
Spinach and fresh paneer cooked Kasmir style

Paneer Tikka Masala $10.95
Soft cubes of homemade cheese cooked with fresh onions and bell peppers in our special house sauce.

Navratan Korma $9.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in our chef’s creamy tomato sauce of herbs and Spices

Dal Makhani $9.95
An Aromatic marriage of lentils, fresh garlic and ginger.

Vegetable Jalfrazi $10.95
A delicious combo of bell peppers, eggplant, tomato & onion cooked with special house seasoning.

Dal Tadka $9.95

Jaipur Thali (Veg) $16.95
Traditional vegetarian 2 veg dishes, dal, rice, naan, raita, pickle platter.

Jaipur Thali (Non-Veg) $18.95
Traditional non-vegetarian 2 meat dishes, dal, rice, naan, raita, pickle platter.

Non-Vegetarian Curries (Served with Rice)

Chicken Korma $12.95
Curry made with nuts and mild spices

Dhaba Chicken $12.95
A taste of Cleveland’s favorite chicken curry

Chicken Makhani $12.95
Cubes of boneless tandoor chicken cooked to a buttery consistency with spices, herbs and house cream sauce

Chicken Vindaloo $12.95
Chicken pieces & potatoes cooked with spices and hot sauce.

Chicken Saag $12.95
Prepared with spinach and aromatic spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala $12.95
Cubes of boneless chicken cooked with fresh onions and bell peppers in our special spicy house sauce.

Chicked Madras $12.95
Boneless tandoor chicken cooked in a wok with fresh herbs and rare condiments.

Lamb Saag $13.95
Prepared with spinach and aromatic spices.

Lamb Curry $13.95
Tender cubes of lamb in its own gravy with tomatoes and onions

Lamb Vindaloo $13.95
Lamb pieces cooked with potatoes and spices in a super hot sauce.

Lamb Ragganjosh $13.95
Lamb tender cubes cooked in gravy with onions, tomatoes and yogurts with spices.

Achar Ghost Lamb $13.95
A semi-dry preparation of lamb cooked with yogurt & mixed pickle spices.

Seafood Curries Entrees Biryani (Served with Rice) (Served with Raita)

Coral Coast Fish $12.95
This spicy coastal curry is enhanced with fresh coconut milk and a touch of lemon.

Malabar Shrimp $13.95
Fresh catch of large shrimp in tamarind/coconut sauce.

Shrimp Makhani $13.95
Shrimp cooked with a traditional north Indian-style mild curry.

Shrimp Tandoor $15.95

Nine Jewles $10.95
Garden fresh vegetables, fragrant spices and aromatic rice makes this dish a vegetarian’s delights.

Avadhi $12.95
The Princes of “Avadhi” did great justice to this chicken and rice dish. This chef’s preparation is worthy of Avadh’s royal seal.

Zinga $12.95
Large shrimp coocked with Basmati rice, nuts, and carefully selected spices in korma aroma.

Lamb $13.95
Selected royal portions of lamb coked with spice aromatic rice and garnished with nuts and raisins.

Delicious Dessert

Carrot Halwah $2.95
Carrots go nutty to create this warm wonderful dessert.

Kulfi Ice-Cream $2.95
Exotic ice-cream made with pistachious, cashews and saffron. Simply delicious
Gulab Jamun $2.95
Savory mild cake balls fried and soaked in sweet syrup.

Ras Malai $2.95
Homemade cheese patties with cream sauce, nuts.

Ice Cream Delight $3.50
Choice of Mango or Coconut ice-cream

Side Items

Tomato Mint Raita $1.95
Healthy dressing with yogurt base and fresh mint

Saffron Pilav $1.95
Imported Basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices

Papadum $1.50
A crisp lentil wafer flavored with spices.

Mango Pickle $1.50
Raw green mangoes pickled in red hot chilli paste

Hot Sauce $1.00

Onion Relish $1.50

Chai Bar

Junction $1.95
Tea brewed with cardamom (spice) and hot milk

Midnight Madness $1.95
Even drink at midnight and you go to sleep with oozing aroma of cinnamon and ginger-root

Madras Hot Coffee $1.95
Speciality brewed coffee with steamed milk

Ice Cold Coffee $2.25
With touch of nutmeg. A must for coffee houses in India

Speciality Drinks

Thandai $1.95
Milk base cold drink from northern India fortified with almonds paste, fruit juice etc…

Gingery Lassi $1.95
Healthy yogurt shake for summer, flavored with fresh gingerroot and cumin seeds

Madhar Lassi (sweet) $1.95

Mango Milkshake $2.25

Mango Juice $1.95

Soft Drinks $1.25